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Hi everybody, my name is  Raffaele.

I was born and raised in a small village in the north west of Etna, Bronte,

famous in all over the world for pistachios production, which grows on lava rocks!


My passion for nature and outdoor activities, since i was little, has led me to become a hiking guide.

The passion for nature and the chance to live at the foot of this wonderful active volcano,

led me over the years to know it very well on all sides.


Today I work with several hiking holiday companies, and on my personal tours I offer

the opportunity to discover various naturalistic itineraries on Etna, made of lateral craters, lava tubes, incredible landscapes, all accompanied by keywords to understand the geodynamic evolution

which has led to the creation of Etna, and the stories of the relationship between man

 and volcano during the millennia

"Sicily Hiking Tour"


makes use of the professionalism of Environmental Excursion Guides, who have made the accompaniment in Nature and the enhancement of the Island Territory,

the main activity of life.

We love our work, we love our Earth, as driven by an innate sensitivity towards

all that nature, understood as a great creative force, has been able to generate.

Volcanoes, seas, mountains, lakes, rivers, woods, ancient archaeological sites... are the richest and most precious heritage that men can can have on this planet. We therefore believe that direct contact, walking, being able to live and cross the places, immerse themselves in their colors and perfumes, is the best way to appreciate the charm and get to their awareness and protection.

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